Korean BBQ

Korean BBQ
Korean BBQ

Tonight’s meal is one of Korea’s most renowned and loved by people the world over; it seems only fair that that’s what should be eaten and written of first.

My younger sister Pie-Moonie first introduced Korean BBQ to me back in Aus and got me hooked, long before I met my husband. Her and I became regulars and tried to get our younger sister Bubby to join us, regrettably not knowing the awesomeness of Korean BBQ and thinking it was like an Aussie sausage sizzle, she’d turn her nose to the air and always decline. It wasn’t until she visited Bobby and I in Korea and we’d dragged her into a BBQ restaurant that she became aware of what she’d been missing! Needless to say that’s her go-to dining option now when out on the town with her man.


We walk past this spot everyday to get home and it’s usually filled with groups drinking soju, munching away and having a good time. As with most Korean BBQ resturants, the smells billow out onto the street, up into your nose and entice you in. They are everywhere in Korea, if you  find the ones with a charcoal fire, you’ve struck gold. If you find ones with charcoal fires and the meat has good marbling, by all means, convert everyone you know to that shop and stick with them.


Stepping out of the Autumn winds, we’re seated on refurbished drum tins with cushion tops at a round table with a hole in it’s centre for the BBQ hotplate. We warm our hands while the waitress puts a bowl of soup into the BBQ pan and lays out the side dishes**.

bean sprouts 콩나물
bean sprouts
Chinese chive 부추
Chinese chive
onions 양파
Kimchi 김치

Bobby orders two serves of yang-neyom-soh-galbi-sal (양념소갈비살), marinated beef ribs minus the bone; as Bobby says, “beef ribs flesh”. Within three minutes of entering the restaurant and sitting down, food is sizzling away in front of us and we can pick at the side dishes while we wait for the meat to cook. This is what I love about Korean food. Minimal waiting, you get to cook it to your liking at your own table and there’s fresh various flavours placed around within reach. Anyone who’s lived here can agree with me it sucks when you go back home and you only get to eat one thing at a restaurant. Ding Ding, enough complaining, the meat is cooked!

See those lettuce leaves in the picture? You grab one of them and make a little food parcel out of it by stuffing it with side dishes. You can be selective; I like to add a little of everything to mine so that sometimes I’m practically choking, like this –>

ssam pile up with goodies lettuce wrap

Bobby goes straight for the rice and sweet, salty meat, no fiddling round with leaves and vegetables for him.

Meat galore

After 45 minutes or so of leisurly grazing we contentedly leave. We part with 12,000won each (holy moly we’re millionaires!) which roughly equates out to $12 AUD (maybe not).

Did we find it online or through word of mouth? Nope. Was it a Mat-Jib? Nope. But was it still delicious because you can’t go wrong with Korean BBQ? Absolutely (unless it’s BBQ Buffet- quantity over quality).

**side dishes or ban-chan (반찬) are served with every meal and are made up of litte servings of fresh, fermented, pickled, dried, raw and cooked vegetables, meats and nuts/eggs. Each restaurant/ home have their own types of ban-chan so it’s always fun to try out the different types. If nothing else, Kimchi is the holiest of side dishes and must accompany the food, commonly eaten with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Happy eating – Chan and Bob

오늘 밤 우리는 한국음식으로서는 가장 유명하다고 할 수 있는 그래서 가장먼저 찾은, 포스팅을 하게 된 코리안 바비큐. 그냥 우리말로 고깃집에 갔습니다.

가격은 양념소갈비살 2인분에 2만2천원, 그리고 밥 두공기 추가로 합이 2만4천원 이었습니다.호주에서는 코리안바비큐 한번 먹으려면 인당 3~4만원이 나가는데 한국에서는 그 가격에도 못 미치는 수준에서 두명이 배불리 먹을 수 있었습니다. 아주 만족 스러웠습니다.

우리 한국인에겐 별 다를 것 없는 그냥 고깃집인데요, 대부분의 외국인 친구들이나 제 와이프는코리안 바비큐에 아주 걸신 빙의 하십니다. 막내 처제가 한국에 방문한 적이 있었는데 그때 한번 데리고 간 이후 호주에서는 만날때마다 한국식 고깃집으로 점심이건 저녁이건 폭풍흡입하러들 가십니다. 밑반찬이란 밑반찬은 다 주워 먹고요… 아무튼 정말 잘 먹습니다. 제가 사장도 아닌데 다 뿌듯할 정도로.다들 아시다피시 고기맛의 생명은 첫째도 고기질 둘째도 고기질 셋째는 참숯 아니겠습니까?

그러나 아쉽게도 저희가 이번에 찾은곳은 참숯으로 고기를 굽는 곳은 아니었어요. 가스불 이었죠. 그래도 착한 고기질에 맛이 좋아 밥한공기 추가했습니다.

김치도 불판에 구워서 먹으면 더 맛있는거 아시죠?

그럼 다들 맛있는 식사 하시길 ^^


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