Pat-bing-su 팥빙수 Ice Dessert


The tables have turned! Most days we play the Korean card game ‘Go-Stop’ and bet for dishes, massage points, house saving fund contributions and who shouts next. I like to play it safe and say ‘stop’ while I’m winning so my points never eventuate to much. Bobby always takes the risk and says ‘go’ to make the big points and 7 times out of 10 this works out great for him. Unfortunately for me, his massage time is up to 90.5 minutes and it was my shout for 팥빙수 pat-bing-su. If you want to learn about go-stop and how to play, click on this link http://www.pagat.com/fishing/gostop.html

We headed to the Korean chain,Tom N Toms Coffee, again in the Raboom mall area, but these are everywhere in Seoul. We ordered the 딸기팥빙수 – strawberry pat-bing-su and claimed a window seat with our buzzer.




팥 ‘Pat’ meaning red beans, 빙 ‘bing’ meaning ice and 수 ‘su’ meaning water = red bean ice dessert. Typically eaten during the summer months to cool the body down, each shop has their own style of pat-bing-su and mix in different extras. I had a mint chocolate bing-su (no pat) once from Ediya coffee. Ahhhhhmazing, I’m in love with mint flavoured things. It was stuffed with choc-mint brownie chunks, crushed cookies, mint+chocolate ice-cream and syrup. My poor teeth and liver, they must be cheering winter on.


This gigantic bowl is filled with shaved ice, loaded with sweet red beans, frozen strawberries, tart berry syrup, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and at the very bottom, strawberry yoghurt. At 9,500 won ($10.15 AUD) and a larger bowl, this fares better than the bing-su at Mango Cha Cha.


Take the little plastic love heart shovels and mix to a sloppy mush. It sure doesn’t look pretty but it goes down well; a little too well, I kept getting brain freezes. The tart, sweet flavour of this one does it for me but Bobby thinks it’s too sweet and he doesn’t like sour.

Check out Maangchi if you want to make Pat-bing-su at home. She also has other amazing Korean recipes up and I love her passion for showing Korean food to people. http://www.maangchi.com/recipe/patbingsu

*The battle of the ice desserts* Mango cha cha has a new devotee, Mr Lee.

“Cause I like mango flavour more than I like strawberry flavour. And I like mango shake.”

Mango cha cha has a better ice base and the flavour is yummy. Pat-bing-su has more extras and textures which pulls it over the line for me. If cost wasn’t an issue it would’ve won my vote too. Long live all bing-su!

Happy eating- Chan and Bob

별로 먹고 싶지 않았지만 쉔텔에게 팥빙수빵 고스톱에서 또 이겼네요. 돈까지 냈으면 더 억울 할 뻔 했습니다… 하하 아 물론 항상 이기는 건 아니에요. 하지만 요즘 운이 좀 따라 주는 것 같습니다. 그리고 제가 항상 게임에서 큰 점수를 얻어서 쉔텔에게 맛사지를 받는데요 1점에 10초 입니다. 티끌모아 태산!! 5930초씩이나 맛사지 포인트를 얻었고 거의 100분가량 되네요. 쉔텔은 안정적인 플레이로 거의 go를 하지 않으니 큰 포인트를 모을 수가 없고, 저는 여러번 지더라도 한번에 100~200점 이상을 만드니 잘해봐야 7~20점 안팎의 점수밖에 못만드는 쉔텔이 큰 점수를 만들 수가 없지요 ㅋㅋㅋ 아무튼 그래서 오늘은 이 선선하다 못해 쌀쌀해지는 날씨에 팥빙수를 먹으러 탐엔탐스 커피샵에 갔습니다. 환절기라 그런지 딱하나 가능한 메뉴인 딸기빙수를 시켰습니다. 다른 카페에 비해서 그릇의 크기도 나오는 양도 많았구요 가격도 보다 저렴한 9500원. 요거트, 바닐라 아이스크림, 딸기시럽, 냉동딸기(딸기색부터가 딱 냉동)이 추가된 팥빙수 였는데요. 맛이 없지는 않았으나 저는 망고차차의 망고 눈꽃빙수에 두표 더 주고 싶습니다. 드셔보시면 왜  ‘눈꽃’빙수인지 딱 느낌이 올겁니다. 오늘도 좋은 하루 되시길^^


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