Rainy Nights & Movie Snacks


Tonight we’re staying in and watching the Adam Sandler+Drew Barrymore movie “Blended”. Movie snacks in hand.


Buttered popcorn – This one taste more like margarine and cheese flavour (rancid), if you’re wanting popcorn, test out a different pack and tell me how it goes – 3/10


Buttered squid chips…Surprisingly good! They’re light and crunchy, sweet and salty. I Most certainly would eat these again. It gets this score because it leaves a slight fishy aftertaste which I’m not keen on…Squid lovers rejoice! 9/10

What are some snack foods in your country that would be considered strange?

Happy eating – Chan and Bob

오늘은 집에서 한가하게 영화를 보기로 했습니다. 영화 블랜디드, 아담 샌들러와 드류 배리 모어 주연의 가족영화.  와이프가 영화 볼땐 꼭 스낵이  있어야 한다며 산 오징어 칩과 팝콘,  입이 심심하진  않을 것 같습니다. ^^


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