Weekend Plans

Oh happy days for two reasons!

We’re headed to Wonju (Bobby’s hometown/ our old town) this weekend. One of his best friends is getting married so they have to practice a song and dance number for the wedding (drink). I get to meet my favourite girls and we’re going to torture ourselves hiking Chi-ak-san (Chiak mountain) to take pictures of the pretty Autumn leaves.

Fun facts about Korean mountains; if it has 악 ‘ak’ meaning ‘evil’ in the name, it’s killer. Chi-AKsan, Bu-gAKsan, Seo-rAKsan, Gwan-AKsan. I believe Jiri mountain should have an ‘ak’ attached to it after chucking a tanty on my wobbly legs nine hours later back at the bottom. Never doing that one again..

I got to use the hiking as an excuse to bake us some chocolate chip cookies, for sustenance of course. If you want the recipe, I used this one from Baking Blonde which uses brown sugar only (was out of white).



DSC04239 DSC04232


The second thing that made it a happy day; Bobby got his parcels from Gmarket and is one happy boy. Snowboarding season is fast approaching! I’m going to attempt skiing this season and hope to not smack my a** up too badly this time round. Fighting!

DSC04251 DSC04252 DSC04256


Have a good weekend all – Chan and Bob


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