F6 Visa

*Visa talk time*

I’ve come back to Oz to get my F6 visa sorted while Bobby enjoys the slopes back in Korea. It’s been a week of lazing around, eating stone fruit till the pipes are clean and swinging in a hammock eyeballing food pictures on instagram. Korean food withdrawals has seen attempts to make dak galbi and galbi jjim; both were epic failures. With the exception of making plans with friends and the fireworks at the little country Christmas show, I’m slowly running out of entertainment and counting down the days.

Paperwork and passport for the visa were sent off last Thursday and have since been consumed by the Auspost tracking site, plugging in my code and throwing my fist to the ceiling when the delivery status pops up ‘in transit’… Call me impatient but I just got use to the Korean delivery service; and with a cheap return ticket for early January that can’t be altered and Christmas holidays that stop work, I want to be cradling my passport as soon as possible.

Click here for the R.O.K Consulate General in Sydney. This highlighted link will take you straight to the F-6 residency application forms for Australians married to Koreans.

Here’s a list of what’s needed:

Original Passport Application for Visa

Documents which prove the family relations

(Both Korean and Australian marriage certificate)

Documents which prove the financial capability (Bank statement for 6 months)

Reference of a spouse with Korean nationality (Please see three attached files in Korean) – 결혼이민자 초청장 – 가족의 소득 및 재산에 의한 소득요건 보충 신청서 – 신원보증서 – 초청인의 주민등록등본 (Resident registration) **Those three should be written by your Korean spouse

Police check (name only-no prints)

Personal Details form for F-6 Visa(결혼이민자 배경 진술서)

Visa fee $80 AUD

Self addressed prepaid return courier bag or registered envelope

One color Passport Photo

I’m not sure if it’s because Bobby had to fill most of these forms in or because it’s the second time round for visa applications, but this seems stress-free compared to his. The paper work is half the amount needed for his. And cheap. So cheap. For my visa, it cost $120 AUD total (pics, envelopes, money fee) Bobby’s set him back $3085 AUD not including everything. According to the website, it will take at least 7 days to process, Bobby’s took 8 months. To the Australians that say anyone and everyone is coming in and it’s so easy, I assure you, it’s not. A blog which I absolutely adore, My Korean Husband, done a post on their visa story. Her picture in the box, third from the last, shows it all. If you haven’t already, check out their blog for cute and funny comics.

In nine more days it will be our two-year wedding anniversary to the day we eloped. While I miss handsome moon face husband, I can be content in knowing that after this, we can celebrate our anniversaries together in the coming years and not be separated by papers and oceans. Happy days – Chan


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