Bowl Of Fire – 매운갈비찜

The day Bobby tried to kill me. Just kidding.

We hungrily wandered the cold and smelly streets, in search of a warming meal. He turned to me and asked if I wanted to eat Galbi jjim- a hearty steamed beef rib dish with root vegetables and a sweet salty sauce.  Our lunch was priced at 7,000 won each and the wait was short.


He failed to mention one crucial piece of menu information.  매운 – spicy. Korean food in general is loaded with chilli or spice so if ever on the menu it has little characters like these ones   매운 letting you know that it’s spicy, you have been warned. He saw the sign and didn’t think it would be that spicy. I wasn’t prepared for the fiery hell bowl that was placed in front of me. What started off as a nice little lunch date soon became a sweat fest and watering eyes. It felt like hot coals had been jammed in my mouth. Look at that colour! There were only a few pieces of meat in the bowl, which at first made me think Scrooge, but the phenomenal heat/ burn coming from the pieces saw me casting the remaining bits into Bobby’s bowl.

Bobby Quote: It felt like  loosing my tongue and then keep stinging my tongue with honeybees stinging. But it was yummy. Extremely spicy, but also addictive. But it was kinda too much, it was like a killing spree spicy.

DSC05199 DSC05207

We had these side dishes refilled a few times to aid the burning, which only worked for so many seconds. Kudos to them though, these were chilled, sweet and crunchy and I’d go back for these alone with rice.

DSC05201 DSC05200DSC05203 DSC05202


This little place is about a ten minute walk from Seoul National University Station and is the perfect place to test out your pain tolerance. The interior of this place is really nice, decked out in dark woods and split levels with full frontal glass for street viewing. Personally, I wouldn’t eat this again and Bobby said he wouldn’t either but at the same time he wants to try it again. The fact that a Korean is saying it’s too spicy speaks volumes!  Will update with the address later.

Happy eating – Chan and Bob



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