Dog Cafe In MyeongDong

A few days back I read Seoul In Black And White’s post on free traditional Korean medicines at the UNESCO building in MyeongDong and got excited to try. Experience Oriental Medicine Center are offering cupping, acupuncture, massage and hanbok experiences for free to foreigners. I have a huge interest in traditional therapies/ natural medicines and combined with the fact… Continue reading Dog Cafe In MyeongDong


Seolnal: Korean New Year 설날

새해복많이받으세요! ~ Happy Korean New Year! This is coming in late as we were partaking in festivities, both with family and friends. In Korea, they celebrate two New Years, one by the Solar calendar (January 1st- Western style) and their own, planned out by the Lunar calendar which follows the phases of the moon. Each year, it falls on a… Continue reading Seolnal: Korean New Year 설날


Strawberry Buffets

I wish my eyes had never gazed over these delectable pictures! Right now in Seoul at a few of the different upmarket hotels until May (some finish earlier) tables are being laid with decadent strawberry buffets. Shades of pretty pinks and reds line the tables of the Lobby Lounges and each hotel offers something slightly different along with the standard tarts, cakes, puddings and macaroons.… Continue reading Strawberry Buffets

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Camping In YangPyeong

On Monday Bobby was scrolling through the app ‘Coupang’, Korea’s place for huge discounts and deals on nearly everything. He found a special on a caravan stay for a night 6 kms out of YangPyeong for 55,000won at 50% off. YangPyeong is a chilled tourist town, filled with cool restaurants, cafes and tea shops set along the river, an hour from Seoul (without… Continue reading Camping In YangPyeong