A List Of Couple Dates

Valentines Day is fast approaching. In Korean couple culture, Valentines Day is for the men. Not knowing this, I felt extremely unfavoured when Bobby came home a few years back with nothing and not being exceptionally lovey dovey. I came to learn a few days later off friends that the girl is supposed to prepare chocolates and little gifts. I may have been in my sloppy pjs, with dirty oily hair draped around my face, scrolling through articles on the net when he’d come in that day. This year I’m going to get it right. I’m preparing to make this nutella cheesecake which ties in nicely since it’s chocolate related and he loves chocolate. If you have a Korean partner, check this list to keep them happy 😉

Bobby’s older brother:

 Normal Korean guys think it’s bullshit and very girly stuff but in order to make his girlfriend not mad, we just follow the order.

100 (200, 300, 500) days – Korean’s celebrate with candles, balloons etc and couple rings (not engagement rings). These numbers are milestones. If you don’t prepare anything for your Korean girl/guy on these days, expect them to be ticked off. They have calendar apps on Naver (Korea’s google) that let you input your dates so you can know when the time will roll round.

1000 days – Very important. Counted from the first day of meeting. Celebrated with a fancy dinner, gifts and travel, a very good number to get to for the Korean relationship.

Valentines Day Feb14th  – Girls give chocolates to guys.

White Day  March 14th –  One month later guys present candies or gifts to girls (can’t be chocolate and they expect it to be a bit more expensive than what they got the guy).

Rose Day May 14th – Give roses and wear yellow to let everyone else know you’re in a relationship.

Peppero Day November 11 – A marketing scheme that paid off fantastically, Peppero are little biscuit sticks dipped in chocolate or other flavours and represent the 1’s in 11.11.

Christmas Day December 25th – Not family time, romantic couple time, exchange gifts and have a fancy meal.

There’s also a nifty calendar app that couples can download so you’ll never forget all the necessary dates. If you’re solo and didn’t get anything on Valentines Day or White Day, go eat black noodles with friends and commiserate or celebrate your single-ness.

On the 14th of every month there is something to celebrate for the Korean couple. Click here and here to read more about them. I think I might request to celebrate green day around here. Below is a clip I found of cute Korean couples. Matchy matchy. Enjoy. Or barf. I think they’re adorable.


Happy Days – Chan and Bob


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