Strawberry Buffets

I wish my eyes had never gazed over these delectable pictures!

Right now in Seoul at a few of the different upmarket hotels until May (some finish earlier) tables are being laid with decadent strawberry buffets. Shades of pretty pinks and reds line the tables of the Lobby Lounges and each hotel offers something slightly different along with the standard tarts, cakes, puddings and macaroons. Pink chocolate fondu and strawberry pizza can be found at the Grande Continental; chocolate dipped strawberries and toffee glazed strawberry tarts at the Marriot; and creamy strawberry mousse bites and strawberry topped cupcakes are neatly stacked at the Sheraton Grande.

In it’s seventh year, the strawberry buffets are now pulling in double the crowds so reservations should be made. Below are links for three different hotels and their strawberry buffet times, costs and their extra that sets them apart.

Marriot Hotel 25 items

Sheraton Grande 30 items

Grande InterContinental 16 items

The prices are high, but if you’re working then it’s fine to drop fifty odd dollars on unlimited tiny sweet bites. This is going into next seasons budget and until then, we’ll settle for our punnets from the markets down the road.

Happy eating – Chan and Bob


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