Procrastination At It’s Finest

I’ve been “studying” for five hours now. In that time I’ve scrubbed down the gas range and stove top. Ripped the skin from my pinky cuticle down too far, yet again. Eaten two meals. Looked on eBay and thought of things to import to turn us into  millionaires. Boiled water with cinnamon, apple peel, vanilla and sugar to make the rooms smell pretty. Done five push ups. Scrolled through Instagram. Chatted with my sisters. Watched half of the class videos. Went on YouTube. Read over the reading with “brain enhancing waves to help concentration” music from said YouTube. BAM! The greatest ad came on. I almost skipped it, but then got lured in when it was mentioned that they were young Koreans on a working holiday visa in Australia. HOOK, LINE AND SINKER.

Oh the emotion! I watched it and cried. Twice. It shows the food culture and love between mother and child. I know that’s everywhere but this video pinpoints it. The devotion and sacrifice (not just talking about home cooked meals here) some make for their children fascinates me and this video shows it exactly.

*UPDATE* I made Bobby watch it and he didn’t even tear up. My sister is currently bawling over in England now. He says we must miss family. ㅎㅎ

Happy Procrastinating – Chan


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