Battered Deep Fried Squid

We had a subway transfer at the Hongdae station so we went above ground and finally tested out the deep-fried squid that’s popping up everywhere on Instagram. There are a few shops and stalls selling this on the streets of Hongdae now, but this little take out window “Ozzang” claims to be the original and best… Is it another marketing ploy like the coveted Honey Butter Chips?

It was tasty! We really liked it. There was only one down side to it. It’s a bit hard to eat. It’s giant, thick and chewy which made it hard to tear apart with the teeth. We went into a pub and paired it with a beer and still couldn’t finish it. Home it came and we chopped it up with scissors. Instead of a stick, it’d be better if they cut it up into bite size pieces and sent you on your merry way. Other than that, it’s highly recommendable. It didn’t have a fishy taste, the texture was good and the batter was amazing. It tasted similar to KFC’s 11 secret herbs and spices recipe with out the grease. The legs were the best part because they were crunchy and completely covered in batter. As you near the tube/body, the crunchy coating is replaced with a sloppy paste from sweating in the paper bouquet, but the flavour is still there and on point.

I’d recommend trying one between a few people first and if you like it, line up again and get another. The three flavours available are plain 6,000 won, sweet onion 7,000 won and spicy, also 7,000 won.

Give it a go, it’s tasty and fun.

Happy eating – Chan and Bob


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