Strawberry Farm Feast In Yang-Pyeong

Yesterday we took a little family trip to a strawberry farm out in YangPyeong. There are many different farms open to the public in this area to visit, pick and eat at for a cost. We took the el cheapo farm at 12,500 won each, which ended up being an organic farm that don’t spray chemicals all over their delectable red hanging jewels.

After entering the greenhouse, there is no time limit, however, once you step out of the greenhouse, you can’t go back in. Some of the rows are off-limits as they’re being ripened, but the rows are long and plentiful so there’s no need for panic with thoughts of being left without strawberries.  It’s such a nice, peaceful and quiet place away from the city. Bees drift from the flowers pollinating the fruit, the sun beats down on the greenhouse and warms it completely and a stream trickles near by.

This is the website Bobby used to book tickets. It’s all in Korean so get a friend to help you out with the translation. A few tours run to different farms in the area and offer other activities including, but not limited to: jam and soap making, crafts, traditional games, tractor rides, scoop a fish and cooking. More activities = More money.

Here is the “Visit Korea” website which has information in English about the strawberry festival in Korea’s largest strawberry producing area. It runs until the 4th of May so there’s plenty of time to organise a trip with friends or your special someone.

Happy picking – Chan and Bob


5 thoughts on “Strawberry Farm Feast In Yang-Pyeong

      1. Did you make something with the strawberries? Like a tart? That sounds so yummy!
        My brother is in Daegu, so when we went last year, that’s where we stayed, but before he moved there, we were moving back and forth between Incheon/Seoul and Ulsan. I’m coming in the first week of June, but it seems so far away!
        Actually, I’ve got two weeks of vacation coming up in the next two months, and I’m missing Korea so much (your photos and videos make me crave everything, by the way) that I’m considering going for a few days in the beginning of May and coming back again in June for the official trip. I mean, the flight is free for me, so why not? But is that crazy? Maybe so…


      2. I wanted to, but we ended up eating them all quickly! Not a bad thing tho 😉 Your brother’s pics of the area make it look nice, I’ve yet to go there. Incheon is nice! It would be crazy if the flight wasn’t free, but since you have that, do it!! I would ^_^


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