YangPyeong Han-Jeong-Sik- Traditional Korean Table In YangPyeong

The first time eating here in YangPyeong was back in Autumn, on the night of the 1,000 year tea shop. This restaurant is pricey in regards to Korean food at 22,000 won per person, but the quality of the meal and the ambience of the restaurant make you turn a blind eye. The three main dishes (shown first) were galbi jjim, dwenjjang jjigae, and fried fish served with various side dishes. The entrée’s were kimchi rice pancakes, tofu in a seasoned soy sauce, squishy soft acorn jelly, grilled fish, wasabi duck salad, japchae, salmon salad and lettuce with a grape dressing.

We went back yesterday after the strawberry farm and it was the same fantastic quality. We got the soup menu so it was cheaper at 17,000 won per person. Today’s entrée’s: Wasabi duck salad, black bean gruel, lettuce with blueberry dressing, Japchae, chilled salmon cubes in spicy red sauce with cucumbers, tofu in sweet soy sauce, acorn jelly with seaweed, grilled fish and kimchi ddeok pancakes. They really do present it beautifully. Dishes are bought out intermittently. As soon as you’ve finished the plates that have covered the table, another three different dishes will be set down in their place while your main dish bubbles away down the end. Once they’re done, the banchan – side dishes are spread out and your mains are good to go.

photo 1

photo 2 photo 3

By this time the camera battery had drained flat so this was filmed on the phone.

The mains: Chili with mixed mushrooms and beef soup, fried fish, beef bulgolgi and various side dishes:

Large glass windows give a varying view of the river and road and piano music plays softly in the background. Light filters in from the skylight above which keeps the inside plants vibrantly green. The whole place feels clean, calm and relaxing.

The address: Gyeong-gi, Yang-Pyeong-Gun, Gang-Ha-Myeon, Gang-Nam-Ro 426

Telephone: (031) 774-1070

경기 양평군 강하면 강남로 426

If you’re in the area, try it out, we recommend this mat-jib.

Happy eating – Chan and Bob


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