2015 Korean Cultural Festival In Brisbane

This Saturday, August 15th 2015, head to Brisbane city with family and friends for a great day out at the Korean Cultural Festival. Hosted by the Korean Society of Queensland the day includes live music and performances, children’s activities and food. Delicious food! Confirmed food tents/stalls include the following:

  • Bibimbap (rice with various vegetables, mixed with red pepper paste)
  • Bulgolgi (sweet marinated beef with onions, carrot and glass noodles)
  • Toppoki (rice cakes in a spicy sauce with fish cakes)
  • Gimbap (Korean style sushi- sesame seasoned rice and various fillings)
  • Jaeyuk-bokkeum (spicy marinated fried pork with rice)
  • Mungbean Pancakes (vegetables and mung bean fried in crispy batter)
  • Mandu (Pork or vegetable Korean dumplings- similar to gyoza)
  • Hotteok (Korean pancakes filled with cinnamon and brown sugar)
  • Korean Glutinous Donuts
  • Smoothies and Waffles

My eyes are glazing over and I’m salivating now just thinking about it.

These are the confirmed stalls so there should be more by the time Saturday rolls around. The event starts at 10:00am and runs until 3:45pm and will be set up in King George Square, outside Brisbane City Hall.

Come along, try the food, watch the tae-kwon-do and K-pop dances (amazing!) and have an enjoyable day out.

Happy days – Chan and Bob


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