Gooey Sentiment, Crickets & Ants

Today a friend came over to ask how to work WordPress – her and her partner have just started up a travel blog. I opened it up to show her the way and after laying dormant for almost a year, it felt fitting to whimsically change the layout and write a sporadic post. 그래서, 안녕하세요!

I got sentimental, clicking through the pages and looking at all the photos of the places we’d been and the things we’d seen. Listening to a  Korean drama in the background added to the feel good vibes. I feel thankful in this moment for those moments and now these memories. Life feels real good right about now. Since last posting, we’ve set some big goals and dreams and are working to make them happen. We plan on being back in Korea in December for a short sourcing trip.  After reading Robert Kiyosaki, Bobby’s fable suddenly made sense. A little food for thought:

“Chan be the ant not the cricket”. What?

“Every summer the crickets happily singing. They play and have fun and don’t care about what is to come.

Every summer the ants works diligently, storing food and building their home. They work all day even if they’re tired.

Winter comes. The cricket play all summer. The snow starts to fall. The cricket die. No more playing for cricket.

Winter comes. The ant work all summer. The snow starts to fall. In his home, with all his bounty, he sits happily with family and enjoys his time.

Be the ant.”

So there you have it. An update on our life and a new mindset to be the ants.


Happy eating – Chan and Bob



6 thoughts on “Gooey Sentiment, Crickets & Ants

  1. AHHHHHH yes you posted! 오랜만이에요~ I love the new layout!! “Be the ant not the cricket” should be your family motto. Get that in hanja when you’re in Korea and put it above your door ㅋㅋㅋ

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      1. We don’t have a family motto but I want one. & I think it’s such a great idea to have a family motto or philosophy hanging on the wall that we can see every day and keep in our minds~~

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