things to do in korea

Camping In YangPyeong

On Monday Bobby was scrolling through the app ‘Coupang’, Korea’s place for huge discounts and deals on nearly everything. He found a special on a caravan stay for a night 6 kms out of YangPyeong for 55,000won at 50% off. YangPyeong is a chilled tourist town, filled with cool restaurants, cafes and tea shops set along the river, an hour from Seoul (without… Continue reading Camping In YangPyeong


Kimchi Making by the Mountains I

This weekend I experienced my first 김장 ‘gim-jang’ meaning Kimchi making. Families gather and make enough kimchi to last through the winter and on until the following November. Nowadays it’s becoming less common as it can be brought throughout the year from the store. The mother in law spent the week clearing out her kimchi fridge… Continue reading Kimchi Making by the Mountains I