Useful Sites For Learning Korean

Start off here with the alphabet. Get that down pat within the hour and you’re set for life with the ability to read any Korean, anywhere. Show off with a new skill, it looks technical, but it’s not! There are tonnes more sites out there, but these below are my favourite/ what I think are most useful

How to study Korean – free, in-depth explanations. Lessons and levels. Once completed, you’ll have over 9,000 vocab words stored in the memory bank and all the grammar you’ll need to form sentences and make conversations.

Talk To Me In Korean – (TTMIK) – lessons supplemented with fun videos and workbooks. They also have a cafe in Seoul that you can go and study  classes at.

Hanguk Babble – Best resource site! A wonderful American lady writing down her Korean learning experience through different modalities. Use the search bar top right of her blog to get you what you need, there’s so much information!

Korean Digital Academy –  Video lectures with homework + a one hour online class once a week at a time suited to you with a native Korean.

Have fun with it and happy studying – Chan and Bob


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