Foreigners And Wives In Korea

Emergency Telephone Numbers:

Fire, Emergency and Ambulance                                             119

Police                                                                                                112

Medical Emergency (foreigners in Seoul)                            1339

Tourism & Translation Service                                                1330

In a medical emergency, Tel: 119. The caller’s location is automatically detected.  When a foreigner makes a 119 call they are directed to a translator from the Korea National Tourist Organisation via a three-way call; this allows a foreigner to clearly communicate their situation and needs. Available languages include English, Japanese and Chinese. Ambulance services are provided free of charge.

– See more at:

Women’s Help Line 1366



Useful Websites for foreigners and wives in Korea


This one is very easy to access and covers everything for foreigners living in Korea. Emergency numbers down the left hand side. Language Options: English

Another with a lot of useful information, with more of a purpose to promote Korea overseas and international cultural exchanges. Language Options: English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, German, French, Russian and Arabic

” ‘Life in Korea’ forms a unique E-marketplace for foreigners, specializing in Korean tourism and culture.” Language Options: English, Korean and Japanese

ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE PAGE for finding things to do in Korea. This website shows a festival or event for every single week of the year in Korea. Also information on travelling around Korea, food and culture. Language Options: English, English Asian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Khmer, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Turkish, Korean


Information for married immigrants and multicultural families. Language options: Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Tagalog, Khmer, Thai, Russian. 1577 1366 Emergency hotline 24/7 in 13 languages for wives in physical/ sexual abuse, or forced prostitution, also information and support hotline. Help with jobs, visa and learning Korean language and culture to adapt and fit in with family and society.

Information for women in Korea “Counselling service information for women related laws”. Language options: Korean, Chinese, Japanese, English

Not sure if this one is still running as its last post was in 2013 for a meet up but I will list it just in case. Their Facebook group ISKA has new and frequent posts so reach out there. Language option: English

Private Facebook group, Western Girls Married To Korean Guys – Must be married/ engaged and soon to be married to apply. 500 members and growing. They also have branch groups for women in different parts of Korea.

**If you would like to join our group, please send a message about yourself and why you would like to join to Amanda Lee. Thanks!**

This group is for any Western girls married to Korean guys. I think we all have a common bond and I hope that more people will join this group so that we can share our lives with discussions about Korean culture and married life. So please join!


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